How Can I book A Reading?

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE ACTIVE DURING THE TIME THE READING IS SENT. You will be redirected to PayPal when checking out. This is the ONLY payment method I use. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can check out as a guest and enter your card information. After paying I will need you to fill out the register for your reading section. If you are struggling to attach your photos, you can email me the same information at the email posted below.


The most important part of your reading is the photo that I connect with. It is important for you to take a recent unfiltered headshot of yourself with absolutely NO EDITS. You don’t have to look beautiful and astonishing in the photo. I want the most raw version of you. I suggest taking a new photo at the time of your reading. Failure to submit a clear visible photo will result in a possible delay in your reading or affect the accuracy of your reading.

It’s so essential to be sure that you are sending the proper things to me for your reading. Your photo allows me to connect with you and if the connection is somehow compromised by the photo you are sending, it could affect the accuracy of your reading. That’s why I am very strict on no filters and sending headshots instead of full body.
People are sending photos of them of horrible quality, and even some with their children or family members. Remember, the energy I want to read is you, not your aunt. Please make sure before booking with me you just give me the courtesy to review my pinned post to the fullest that way people are able to receive their readings on time and quicker. It’s affecting my whole booking process. My energy needs to go into my readings.
The goal is to bring you a reading that benefits you, gives you peace and clarity.

In order for people to receive their readings quicker, we have to come together and give a fair energy exchange here. It takes two seconds to read my pinned post, submit your payment, and your photos. It doesn’t even amount to the energy that I put into my readings.

It just delays your reading even further past the turn around time, because I’ve skipped over you to complete those that have their info ready. Then having to go back to specific days, messes up my schedule and creates a confusion among myself and others.

Going forward, I will not reach out. I will do my best to connect to the photos you provided, and if I cannot, then I will refund. Remember the accuracy of your reading is at stake here. It’s not really worth the Snapchat filter or great aunt Linda in the photo.



- Someone else is in the photo

- It is a full body, not headshot

- sunglasses are being worn

- filters are present 

The turn around time after submitting payment is 5-10 BUSINESS DAYS. 

Refund Policy:

I do NOT do refunds. If you aren’t sure you want a reading, don’t book. If you aren’t financially in a position where this will work for you, don’t book. Booking and then asking for a refund disturbs the energy I am trying to provide my clients, and ultimately I am responsible for fees associated with refunding, and transactional fees. If you book with me, and find out you are pregnant, you may gift your reading to someone, or use that payment as a credit towards a bracelet, necklace, candle or anything else on my website. The only time I ever refund someone is at my discretion, and if a refund is extremely late or I had an error on my end.

Let’s Talk Energy!

Everything here is in energy, there’s no time.
That’s why readings CAN be late. With the energy changes that Covid-19 is causing, it has been taking a lot longer than usual to tune into ones energy. That’s because a lot is coming to the surface with your feelings, and it can affect my own energy as well. Whenever I tune into ones energy, I am attaching that to myself, which is why it is so important to properly cleanse between each and every reading and make sure I am not transferring energy to other people. Being patient is key. I typically communicate with my clients and let them know if there has been some changes and delays.

I DON’T have to read you. Say what?

Let’s discuss the elephant in the room. I don’t have to read you. Monetary energy helps me keep going and help as many people as possible and continue to share my gift, but it’s not always worth it. If I don’t feel connected to your energy, if you are coming off as impatient, rude, or condescending, I will just refund you and refuse service. Don’t disrespect me. My energy is critical to myself right now, and I simply won’t read you and you can go to another psychic.

How Can I Contact You?

At this time, I am not accepting Facebook messages through my business page. It has become overwhelming with the same questions and concerns that is clearly listed on my page on a daily basis. It is also violating my privacy by contacting my personal page and I won’t open messages if you contact my personal page. If you have questions that aren’t answered in this post, you can email me at
thebabyfairypsychic@gmail.com and I will respond within 48 hours.

Are you able to see miscarriage and predict loss?

The answer is NO. I won’t. Tuning into loss allows a psychic to tune into dark energy, which I don’t do. I can’t predict loss, and I would hate to fill ones mind with terrible thoughts like that. Those thoughts could then manifest and cause such an excessive worry, and this is a time to focus on positive and mindful thoughts. It is always possible the months predicted could end in loss, or that the months are a pregnancy following a loss. If you ask questions about the health of your baby, I won’t answer.

Shipping & Handling.

Everything is made to order, so I don’t have stock sitting around typically. I also bless and charge the jewelry. For those overseas, you are responsible for any custom fees you may accrue, and this is not included in the shipping costs. Mostly for UK orders. They may hold your package until you pay custom fees. It is your responsibility to contact them and resolve.

When Should I get a follow up reading?

It’s important to give your reading time to play out and not obsess on getting follow ups. I recommend getting a follow up every 6 months to a year. The least is 3 months, and I only recommend that if you had a major life change or change within your TTC journey.

I haven’t gotten my Reading Yet?

If you haven’t gotten your reading yet, it’s essential to trace back your steps and make sure you booked properly. Did you send your information? Was your photo clear and unfiltered? If you still haven’t gotten your reading and it’s been past time timeframe there could be some energy delays, but don’t hesitate to reach out to me via email regarding the status. If the delay is due to insufficient information or photos, keep in mind that your reading will be late. 

Do you do free readings?

While I would love to be able to provide free readings, with the amount of demand there has been for booking with me, energetically there is no way. Any true psychic must have a fair energy exchange to be able to keep providing high quality and excellent readings to their clients. Being an online business, Monetary energy is really the only way I can do this. Sometimes I offer raffles, and free lives for readings, but this is something that is up to my energy and discretion. Messages asking for free readings will be ignored.

I received my reading, but I don’t understand the timing portion?

When Spirit Communicates to me, it’s purely in energy. I feel the energy, and narrow down months for you. Sometimes I see images, visualizations, and hear things that help me determine what months your baby is centered around. If you received the months of OCTOBER AND NOVEMBER, they could be the months your cycle you conceive in starts. I add that in because sometimes your cycle might begin at the end of the month, and you conceive the month after. So your cycle could start in the end of OCTOBER, but you don’t technically conceive until November. The months could also be conception, or testing positive. For example you could conceive the end of October but not find out you actually pregnant until November. Which is why I usually give two months. People have irregular cycles, and everyone’s body is different. The months could also be due dates.