FAQ, Policies, & Procedures

Refund Policy:

At Enchanted Readings, we are dedicated to offering outstanding service and supporting individuals within our community who are going through difficult times. It's important to note that once a reading is purchased, we absolutely offer no refunds under any exception. This decision is made to uphold the positive and focused energy that Hailey, our practitioner, aims to provide to her clients.

Since this is Hailey's full-time profession and primary source of income, requesting refunds after booking a reading can disrupt the harmonious flow of energy she strives to maintain. We kindly request that when you decide to purchase a reading, you do so with a readiness to engage energetically and understand that the turnaround time may vary depending on the volume of reading requests. Your understanding and patience are greatly appreciated as we continue to serve and support our community to the best of our abilities.

How does the process work?

Your reading is a unique experience tailored to the current energy you are emanating. Through tuning into your energy, I can visualize you, your pregnancy, and your spirit baby. My readings rely heavily on clairvoyance and intuition, as energy transcends time. I will interpret the energy I receive and provide you with an estimated timeframe for conception.

Is it in person? How are you able to connect with me at a distance?

My readings are conducted remotely, as I connect with numerous clients from various locations. I do not offer in-person sessions. Instead, I deliver readings online via email or text message if you provide a phone number. To connect with you, I only require a photo that you submit in the provided submission form after making the payment.


Please ensure that you upload a clear photo of yourself without any filters, stickers, add-ons, glasses, masks, or other people included. It's best to use a recent photo that you might upload for a modeling agency portfolio. Submitting a photo that doesn't meet these guidelines may result in a delay with your reading.

Do you only accept PayPal?

To ensure a secure and trustworthy payment process, we exclusively accept PayPal, one of the most reputable payment platforms available. PayPal offers protection for your payment through a fee charged to us. We want you to feel safe during this process, which is why we do not accept Cashapp or Venmo, as they lack the same level of protection. Additionally, we offer Klarna as an installment plan option at no cost, allowing you to create a payment plan that aligns with your budget.

Shipping & Handling Policy

Please note that all orders are custom-made and reiki charged before shipping. Due to increased demand, the current turnaround time for shipping is 2-4 weeks. However, we cannot be held responsible for any shipping delays caused by Covid-19. If the shipping label has already been created, you may receive a refund for the items but not for the purchased shipping label.

What is a Spirit Baby?

A spirit baby refers to an unborn baby in the spiritual realm who holds a special connection with their future parents. They often choose specific individuals to be their parents. In some cases, if a loss or miscarriage occurs, the spirit baby revisits their life plans and may choose to wait for the next opportunity. Spirit babies do not hold a specific gender as they are pure energy without a physical body. They may possess characteristics of both genders and can shift their appearances. Your spirit baby can also be carried by your twin flame's karmic partner. They may be here to guide you even if not becoming earthbound. Spirit babies can be part of alternative conception methods, such as surrogacy, same-sex partners, donors, or other approaches.

Can you predict loss or inability to conceive?

As a matter of principle and ethical considerations, I cannot predict loss or guarantee someone's inability to conceive. Tuning into loss would involve connecting with dark energy, which is not a practice I engage in. It's important to recognize that losses can happen, and they are beyond anyone's control. I firmly believe that everyone has free will, and energy can change in an instant. Thus, I do not have the power, nor do I wish to dictate who conceives. Negative manifestation can have an impact on one's life, which is why I refrain from making such predictions.

Can you read for me if I have PCOS, Endo, or other physical problems?

Yes, I can accurately read for individuals with underlying conditions like PCOS, Endo, or others. I firmly believe that even if you suffer from these conditions, your spirit baby can still find their way to you. Miraculous stories have shown the power of affirmation and manifestation in your journey.

What if my reading is wrong?

While I pride myself on my accuracy, it's essential to understand that tarot readings are not 100% infallible. Every individual has free will, and their daily decisions can impact their future. In some cases, blockages may hinder my full access to your energy. Unfortunately, I do not offer refunds for readings, even if they are deemed incorrect, as the time and energy for the reading have already been expended.

How many times have you been wrong?

Rather than focusing on the number of times I may have been wrong, I prefer to emphasize the positive outcomes and accurate readings I've provided. Over time, I have completed almost 3000 confirmed pregnancy readings, although I have conducted even more readings awaiting feedback or that remain unanswered. If any reading is inaccurate, it could be attributed to shifting energies, blockages, or human error.

How many times do you recommend follow-ups?

For the best experience, I recommend getting a follow-up reading at least once a year. A reasonable time frame for follow-ups is around 6 months, but I can accommodate a follow-up at 3 months if needed. Any follow-up booked before 3 months will be refunded or rescheduled, as conducting readings sooner may not be suitable and could be seen as taking advantage of the process. In cases of major energy changes or losses, we can discuss the possibility of a follow-up before the 3-month mark.