FAQ, Policies, & Procedures

Refund Policy:

All refunds are at discretion of Enchanted Readings. Due to the extended turn around time, you are only eligible for a full refund if you had a significant life change or change in relationship status. If you fall pregnant before your booking, you agree to switch to another reading or use the amount you have paid as a credit towards another item listed on the site. Readings can be late and you are only eligible to receive a refund if your reading is late past 14 days. If you fail to follow proper instruction such as failure to submit a form you will not receive a refund. If you dispute and recieve your money back for no apparent reason, you are unable to consult Enchanted Readings for any future services, as this disturbs the energy she is trying to provide. Due to transaction fees, and securing a slot, you agree that enchanted readings may collect up to $10 from your original payment. 


How does the process work?

All readings are based on the current energy you are putting out into your field. When I tune into your energy, I am able to see visualizations of you, your pregnancy, and spirit baby. I use my cards as a tool to help me narrow down timing for you. My readings are mostly clairvoyant and intuition based. With energy, there is no time. So when I perform your reading, I take the energy that is given to me and give you an estimated timeframe of conception. 

Is it in person? How are you able to connect with me at a distance?

My readings are not in person. I connect with so many people, it would almost be impossible for me to travel. My readings are based online, and delivered via email, or text message if a phone number is provided. I am able to connect with my clients through a photo of them, which you submit in your submission form after payment. 


It is essential for you to upload a photo of yourself with no filters, stickers, add ons, glasses, masks, or other people included. I like to tell my clients to upload a photo that you would upload for a portfolio for a modeling agency. The more recent the photo the better. Submitting a photo that does not follow proper guidelines can result in a delay with your reading.



Do you only Accept PayPal?

Paypal is one of the greatest and trustworthy payment platforms on the market. PayPal protects your payment for a fee that is charged to me. Let's say for example, you paid for a reading, but never received it (which would never happen) you could contact PayPal to be fully refunded. I want my clients to feel safe in this process, so I don't accept Cashapp, or Venmo as they are not protected options. I also provide Klarna which is a installment plan. You are able to create a payment plan at no cost to you, that best meets your budget.

Shipping & Handling Policy

All orders are made to date. All orders are reiki charged and blessed before being shipped. Current turn around for shipping is 2-4 weeks due to increased interest. I am not responsible for any shipping delays that may be caused due to Covid-19. If the shipping label has been already created, you are eligible for a refund for the items, but not the label that was purchased.

What is a Spirit Baby?

A spirit baby is a baby that is yet to be born, but is still in the spiritual realm. These babies have a special connection to their future parents. Most people do have spirit babies, and they choose you specifically to be their parents. Most people often ask about losses/miscarriages. When this happens, the spirit baby returns back to the realm and revisits their life plans and readjusts their soul contracts. Sometimes spirit babies aren't physically ready to become earthbound, and will wait until the next opportunity. Sometimes not all your spirit babies will become earthbound, and some are here just guiding you. Your spirit baby may also be carried by your twin flames karmic partner. Spirit babies do not hold a gender yet, as they are only energy and don't possess a physical body yet. This why sometimes these spirit babies can inhabit characteristics of both genders. They can shift appearances as well. You can also still have a spirit baby even if the baby is not biologically yours, or you don't carry the baby. Your spirit baby has biological parents and nurturing parents, in most cases are the same. For example, if they aren't the same, your baby will have both if you have surrogacy, same sex partners, donors, or other alternative methods.

Can you predict loss, or inability to conceive?

Due to the legal nature of this question, I am unable to predict loss or if someone will never get pregnant. Tuning into loss, requires me to connect with dark energy, which is something I do not do. Unfortunately, losses can happen, and that Is out of anyones control. I will never tell someone they will never conceive because everyone has a free will and energy can change in the instant. Energetically, I am only able to see a span about 5 years anyway. I don't have the power or would want the power to dictate who conceives or not, I only believe God has that power. Also, I believe negative manifestation is real, and convincing yourself that you won't ever have a child could impact your entire life. 

Can you read for me if I have PCOS, Endo, or other physical problems?

I have accurately read for people who had underlying conditions. I believe that even if you suffer from these, that your spirit baby can still make their way to you. I have seen miraculous stories, and the power of affirmation and manifestation is so crucial in your journey.

What if my reading is wrong?

Unfortunately, tarot is never 100 percent. Everyone had a free will, so the things they decide to do on a daily basis can impact their futures. I pride myself on my accuracies, but I am human, and sometimes you may be having blockages from me fully accessing your energy. I unfortunately do not offer refunds, even if it was incorrect, due to the fact I have already performed the reading and the time and energy it takes to complete the reading.

 How many times have you been wrong?

This question coincides with the last question. I try to stray away from how many times I have been wrong and focus on my positives. I have almost 500 confirmed pregnancies, however I have performed more readings than that, and either awaiting feedback, or sometimes I never hear from my clients again. If your reading was wrong, it might have been a blockage in your energy, a huge shift that moved the pregnancy closer, or simply error on my end.

How many times do you recommend follow ups?

I recommend getting a follow up every year at the least. I do think an acceptable time frame in 6 months, but I will complete a follow up at 3 months at the least. Anything booked before 3 months will be refunded or rescheduled. I wouldn't feel comfortable doing any sooner and think that would be taking advantage. If you feel you had a major energy change or a loss we can discuss if it would be okay to do before 3 months.