Turn Around Time Update

Hello Everyone,

I know it's not the update you are entirely looking for but i'd rather be honest with my prospective clients about the turn around time. Prior to the beginning of this year I had a quicker turn around time of about 10 days, but things changed very quickly when I went viral and had a baby during the same exact time. 

As of right now, I am working very hard to catch up with appointment dates. The main issue isn't myself, but people who are failing to send in submission forms. See to be able to do your reading to the best of my ability, I connect through your photo. When people don't have these forms in, I have to go back and send emails asking for them, and it's very hard to work ahead when I have to go back through specific days. 

Schedule For Readings.

Schedule ❤️

12/3🔸November 15th & 16th
12/4🔸November 17th & 18th
12/5🔸November 19-21st
12/6🔸 November 22nd-23rd
12/7🔸November 24-25th
12/8🔸November 26-28th
12/9🔸November 29th-30th
12/10🔸December 1st and 2nd
12/11🔸december 3rd-5th
12/13🔸December 6-7th
12/14🔸December 8-9th
12/15🔸december 10-12

Left is actual date and right is the date of your appointment ❤️ Hoping to have them done sooner but this will schedule should be accurate.
I hope you guys understand that this is energy work. Some readings take hours. Right now, I am one of the most highly requested fertility readers in the world. I take my time, and I don't rush the process because I want it to be accurate. 

I update mostly on instagram and facebook on which dates I am working on. ❤️🙏