What is the Queue?

You might be curious about the concept of the queue and its purpose. Energy work operates outside the constraints of time; it cannot be guaranteed or scheduled precisely. That's why we've implemented a queue-based system, which aims to reduce the stress associated with setting appointments or committing to specific timeframes for our services.

Hailey typically conducts around 20-30 readings each day, not including expedited orders. The number of readings she can perform may vary depending on the available energy. Sometimes, she can handle more, while other times, it might be significantly fewer. When you join the queue, it's crucial to exercise patience as Hailey works through her orders. Sending emails may inadvertently create a sense of urgency and distract her from conducting readings, so we encourage you to refrain from doing so.

Rest assured that you can monitor your position in the queue, and you will receive updates via text or email as you progress. However, please note that the estimated timeframe provided for the queue may not always be entirely accurate, as the system is continuously learning and evolving.