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Enchanted Readings

Pregnancy Spells

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My newest offering is cycle manifestation spells. You can get the spell done at the beginning of your cycle, during ovulation or after. Anyone can manifest on their own, but I consider myself a expert manifestor, as i've manifested both of my own children, including their dates of birth. I use what I know spiritually and my background to give you the best energy for your cycle. 

The spell is done on my OWN. There is no correspondence between you and I other than an email that is has been completed.

Bring AF- If you have been lacking a period this spell will help draw in the energy to kickstart it. 

This is my cycle spell- manifestation spell to help you conceive faster. 


Disclaimer: Spells and the manipulation of energy are not always 100%. You understand that buying this spell only increases your chances and gives no guarantee to the outcome of your cycle. Spells are not meant to be used for healthcare substitution or advice and this is for entertainment purposes only.