Reiki Infused Fertility Roller

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Fertility GEMSTONE Rollers!

Match your favorite gemstone to this lovely blend of oil and amplify the energies you need! Match the fertility oil to any gemstone below! 

🟣 Rose Quartz- Love, Relationships, Harmony, fertility.
🔵 Lapis Lazuili- Intuition, Courage, inspiration,
🟢 Green Aventurine- Luck, Prosperity, Abundance, fertility.
⚪️ Clear Quartz- amplifying energy & intention, clears mental blocks, focus, manifestation.
🟣 Amethyst- Healing, Anxiety, sleep, sleep, intuition, decision making, calm mind, sobriety, insomnia.
🔴 Red Jasper- amplifies sexual energy and libido, releases guilt, helps heal sexual trauma, grounding, patience, stability, courage.
🔵 Sodalite- boosts communication, intuition, perception, self awareness, inflammation, release anger and frustration, headaches, self worth, self esteem.
🟤 Tigers Eye- rids of fear, protection, enhances confidence, helps you take action, manifestation.
⚫️ Black Obsidan- Rids of negative energy, protection.