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Enchanted Readings

Month and Gender Starter Kit

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Our starter kit is our most branded experience! These items separately would be $300+

- Reiki Charged Fertility Bracelet
- Fertility Bath Salts Kit with candles šŸ•Æ
- Hand made lip gloss šŸ’„
- Small Scoop of our fertility crystal confetti šŸŽŠ
- A pack of incense cones to cleanse your space šŸ’Ø
- Two mommed pregnancy tests
- Our best fertility oil roller ball blend šŸŽ‰
- One large free gift such as morphe eyeshadow pallete, ex. makeup brushes, hair wraps, and a small gift such as a mac lipstick! šŸ›
- Intuitively chosen affirmation card for your keeping!
- 20 percent off discount code card