How to make the best of your Journey.

I see you, rushing to the bathroom with that $12 pregnancy test, with anticipation of wondering if you will see two lines. You close your eyes as the dye goes across that pee stick, and you hope and pray that this is it. When you open your eyes, and see one line, you pitch the test in the trash. Although, I see you going back 15 minutes later to maybe see if you missed the line, or post in your support groups feeling crazy. Trying to conceive can be so draining to your energy, but how can you conserve your energy while going through such a vulnerable time of your life? First, you want to make sure you are in a good mental state to try for this baby. If you are dealing with additional stresses, financial problems, or relationship issues, you might want to resolve this first. You want to be fully aligned spiritually and mentally for the biggest step of your life. You want to overcome the obsession. During the beginning of my journey, I realized the obsession ate me alive and drained so much of my energy. Spending hundreds on nonsense supplements and pregnancy tests. This only hinders your energy, and could even put a wedge financially between you and your partner. If your hiding expenses from your partner, you know you have already entered this deep obsession. Pull yourself out of it. You want to delete apps if they overwhelm you, or leave support groups. Sometimes the internet can be a sink whole. You start researching and it becomes a daily and nightly obsession. It’s okay to educate yourself, but recognize when it becomes an unhealthy pattern. 


Another thing I always tell my clients, don’t compare your journey to others. Everyone has a different path and journey. Some may be struggling only a few months and some may be struggling for years. People cope differently with trying to conceive, and you have to sometimes stay open minded and compassionate. Feelings of envy and jealousy only hurt yourself. 


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