Real or Fake Psychic! How do I know?

For anyone who’s consulted with a psychic!

We cannot avoid frauds.
The scary world we live in people are so desperate to scam and take advantage of others.

❗️ What we can do is look out for warning signs of them, and purely protect ourselves from it.

Real Readers ✅✅✅✅
-WILL have a business page
- will have a following
- will have reviews and testimonials posted on their page.
- have live feeds and videos of them present.
- they will never message you out of the blue, to buy a reading
- will try to help you evolve and understand your energy and blockages you are facing.
- May have certifications
- Have a paypal business account, or have other protecting payment methods.
- Will have engagement within their page (commenting, interaction, groups)
- Spirit leads you to them.
- You trust and feel connected to their energy.

Frauds- ❌❌❌❌

- Their Facebook will often be new, because once they get caught and exploited they have to identify a new name over and over.

- They will create multiple Facebook pages, and spam groups pretending to be clients.

- They will steal other readers testimonies and claim as their own.

- They will not have a photo of themselves, and often they may use stock photos. They typically will not have any live feeds or videos of them speaking to hide their identity.

- They will personal message your page, and-do whatever they can to trick you into sending money or scaring you into paying for services.

- Will often sell “spells” that cure health problems, infertility, or other vulnerable things.

- May use Cash app, Venmo, or other payment methods that aren’t protected so you can’t file a claim.

- Will tell you that you have attachments, curses or demonic presences around to scare you into buying healings or ritualistic practices.

- They will sell jewelry and promise conception within a certain time period, and convince you that it will heal all your physical problems keeping you from having a baby.

- Their readings will be vague. Random numbers, random things. Random events. Things that can be applied to most pregnancies. They won’t ever discuss your actual energy. “ oh you will experience morning sickness and see this and that but it won’t make sense until later” etc. ( also not saying these things can be included in readings, but discussion of your energy is everything)

- They will pry for clientele on other readers pages.

- they will try to up- sell everything. Try to get you to add more things, get the most expensive reading, buy more and more.

- They will spam on random posts “have you tried getting a reading with so and so”

- Send the same exact reading word for word to the same people.

- Their prices fluctuate based on who they are talking to.