Young Living?

My journey with essential oils began in 2017, and ever since, I've been completely immersed in this wonderful world. A co-worker introduced me to Young Living essential oils, and after purchasing my first starter kit, I was hooked. The oils in the kit became an integral part of my daily routine. I used Thieves on my feet every day to boost my immunity, relied on peppermint for soothing headaches, and enjoyed the energizing effects of lemon in my diffuser each morning.

One of the oils that made a significant impact on my life was Progessence Plus, which helped me balance my hormones and support ovulation on my fertility journey. Each oil seemed to serve a unique purpose tailored to my needs. I once tried off-brand essential oils, but they seemed to contain more fragrances and lacked the purity I found in Young Living's products.

The fact that Young Living oils are pure and sourced from farms worldwide, where people can visit and see the process, gave me peace of mind. I knew that what I was putting on my skin while trying to conceive would not harm me.

Now, after seven years of being an avid oiler, my diffuser is still a cherished part of my daily life. Once you embark on this wellness journey with oils, you won't ever want to go back. It's been a transformative experience, and I can't imagine my life without these amazing essential oils.

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